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Publications by the HIV Forum

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Clinically Relevant HCV Drug Resistance Mutations Figure and Tables (Updated)

Consensus Report
September 11, 2012

Novel Clinical Trial Designs for the Development of New Antiretroviral Agents

AIDS, 2012
February 3, 2012

International Public Health Dialogue on HIV Testing and Counseling

August 17, 2006 - Adobe Acrobat 2.2MB

HIV-TB Co-infection: Meeting the Challenge

Meeting Report
July 22-23, 2007

HIV-TB Fact Sheet
Adobe Acrobat 256K

Rethinking the Approach to Expanded Access Programs

Meeting Report
February 16, 2007

Collaborative Approaches to HIV Drug Development: Planning for Long-Term Monitoring of Safety in CCR5 Antagonist Development

Report of a Joint FDA/FCHR Joint Public Meeting
May 31, 2006

HIV and TB in the Context of Universal Access: What is Working and What is not?

Meeting Report
August 12-13 2006 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 696K

Biomedical Intervention for Prevention

Meeting Report
September 18-19 2006 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 284K

Pediatric HIV Diagnosis and Laboratory Monitoring

Meeting Report
6 February 2006 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 550K

Racial Ethnic Issues in HIV/AIDS

Meeting Report
29-30 October 2003 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 800K

Buprenorphine and HIV Primary Care: New Opportunities for Integrated Treatment

Clinical Infectious Diseases Volume 43 Supplement 4
15 December 2006

HIV-1 Viral Load Assays for Resource-Limited Settings

PLoSMed 3(10): e417
10 October 2006 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 147K 

Regulatory Considerations for Treatment of Lipodystrophy

Workshop Report
March 2005

Transfer of HIV Monitoring Technologies Into Resource-Poor Settings: Moving The Field Forward

Workshop Report
February 2005 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 148K

Developing a Health Services Research Agenda

Workshop Report
February 2005 - Adobe Acrobat PFD 220K

Initiatives for Developing and Comparing Genotype Interpretation Systems Step 1: External Validation of Existing Rules-Based Algorithm for Abacavir and ddI Evaluated on Virological Response

Antiviral Therapy, 10: S11
2005 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 65.7K

Antiretroviral therapies for treatment experienced patients: current status and research challenges

AIDS 2005, 19 (8): 747-756

May 2005 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 125K

Integration of Buprenorphine into Primary HIV Care

Workshop Report
June 2004-Adobe Acrobat PDF 736K

Monitoring Long-Term Toxicities of HIV Treatments: An International Perspective

AIDS 2003, 17 (17): 2407-2417
May 2003 - Adobe Acrobat PFD 125K

Summary of the Executive Committee Retreat Report

March 2003 -Adobe Acrobat PDF 248K

Sex and Gender and HIV

Workshop Report
November 2002-Adobe Acrobat PDF 344K

Cardiovascular Risk in HIV Infection and Treatment

Workshop Report
May 2003-Adobe Acrobat PDF 628K

Protein Binding Roundtable Report

AIDS Research & Human Retroviruses 2003, 19 (9):825-835

2003 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 276K

STI Workshop

Report from the 3rd International Workshop
March 2002-Adobe Acrobat PDF 282K

STI Rountable Discussion: Moving the Agenda Forward
August 2002-Adobe Acrobat PDF 211K

Quality of Care- Closing the Gap

Workshop Report
December 2003-Adobe Acrobat PDF 585K

What Defines HIV Lipodystrophy?

Roundtable Report
September 2002-Adobe Acrobat PDF 372K

Importance of Antiretroviral Drug Levels in Sanctuary Sites and Viral Reservoirs

AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, 2003 19 (3):167-176

March 2003 -  Adobe Acrobat PDF 162.3K

HIV Monitoring & Diagnostic Technology Transfer to Resource Poor Settings

QA/QC Meeting Report (Warsaw, Poland): October 2003- Adobe Acrobat PDF 251k

Complete Technology Report: April 2002- Adobe Acrobat PDF 932k

Summary Report (English): April 2002- Adobe Acrobat PDF 275k

Summary Report (French): April 2002- Adobe Acrobat PDF 105k

Cheaper HIV Drugs for Poor Nations Bring a New Challenge: Monitoring Treatment: JAMA, 2002, 288 (2): 151-153

July7, 2002 Satellite Symposium Presentations:

Serge Diagbouga, Susan Fiscus, Jonathan Kaplan,

Alan Landay, Souleymane Mboup, Jos Perriens,

Praphan Phanuphak, Mike Ussery, Gaby Vercauteren, Veronica Miller

Linkage and Integration of HIV Testing, Prevention, and Care Services

Of the 850,000 to 950,000 HIV infected individuals in the USA, approximately one fourth are unaware of their infection, and approximately one third of those who are aware of their infection status are not in ongoing HIV clinical care. The Forum For Collaborative HIV Research in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control (Atlanta, USA) and the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA, USA) sponsored a workshop to discuss how to better link HIV counseling, testing, and referral services (CTRs) to HIV care and treatment services. In addition, the group addressed how to evaluate the quality of links and the effectiveness of strategies for integrating prevention services into medical care and social service programs. The "forum" for this discussion included key representatives from both agencies at the federal levels, leaders from grantee organizations and key informants from public and private organizations involved in HIV service delivery.
The workshop started with an update of the status of the epidemiology of HIV infection, prevention and care in the USA, and presentations of how prevention can be integrated into the clinical setting, and how service networks can be created. Panelists addressed organizational and systems issues, social needs and co-occurring health needs, cultural and regional issues and evaluation of links and referrals. Small breakout groups identified links and points of entry into care, barriers to linking HIV CTRs, prevention and care services, and developed recommendations to reduce barriers at the Federal, State program, and community based service provider level and recommendations for evaluation.

Background reviews and documents were prepared for the workshop participants. These include:

" Linking of Testing, Prevention and Care (a review written by Helen Schietinger on behalf of the Forum)
" Referrals and Linkages in HIV Counseling, Testing, and Referral and Partner Counseling and Referral Services: An Annotated Literature Review (prepared by ORC Macro under contract to CDC)
" Targeted Testing and Referral Efforts: A Report of the NASTAD Status Project (Executive Summary)
" Best Practices in Prevention Services for Persons Living with HIV (CDC Prevention, Remarks by R. Janssen)
" Evaluation Plan for the Referrals and Linkages in HIV Counseling and Testing, and Referral and Partner Counseling and Referral Service Project (CDC, DHAP, Marlene Glassman)
" Lessons Learned: Innovations in the Delivery of HIV/AIDS Services (HRSA, HIV/AIDS Bureau, available at: )

The report of this meeting is available in several formats. Firstly, we publish the complete workshop report with all appendices (including the background documents above).  For easier downloading, we are also making this available in two separate parts: the main report excluding the appendices, and the appendices only. The Summary Report outlines the main features and findings of this workshop.  Finally, the background paper by Helen Scheitinger is available as a simple document.

We hope that the readers will find this report stimulating and useful. If this report has aided readers in specific ways, we would appreciate hearing about it. Please send your comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Complete Linkage Report: October 2001- Adobe Acrobat PDF 912k

Linkage report with no appendices: October 2001- Adobe Acrobat PDF 595k

Linkage report appendices: October 2001- Adobe Acrobat PDF 501k

Linkage summary report: October 2001- Adobe Acrobat PDF 163k

Linkage background paper: September 2001- Adobe Acrobat PDF 140k

Adherence to HIV Therapy

Examining the Risk and Benefits of Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) for Treatment of HIV Disease: The Forum for Collaborative HIV Research in collaboration with the U.S. Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) sponsored a workshop to discuss Examining the Risk and Benefits of Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) for Treatment of HIV Disease. Seventy-five participants including physicians, clinical researchers, patient advocates, community service providers, health care providers, ethicists, and representatives from state and federal government and the pharmaceutical industry met for two days to discuss recommendations for the development of HIV/DOT programs. These discussions took place in small breakout sessions after a series of presentations covering topics such as the possible applications of DOT for HIV disease, the use of DOT in tuberculosis, ethical considerations of DOT, current status of once-daily antiretroviral treatment regimen, evaluation methods for DOT programs and the needs of different patient populations. The breakout groups addressed questions related to the definition of DOT programs, parameters for determining appropriate candidacy for DOT programs, optimal program design (what treatment regimen, where is the program offered, how is it integrated into other services, duration of the program, helping with adherence) for best meeting the needs of HIV-infected people, and evaluation methods. This report includes a summary of all presentations, breakout group discussions and recommendations. April 2001 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 555k

Adherence to HIV Therapy: Building a Bridge to Success November 1999 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 117k

Adherence to Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) Among Individuals with HIV/AIDS: A Compendium of HAART Adherence Research, November 1997-November 1999 November 1999 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 64k

Adherence to New HIV Therapies: A Research Conference
November 1998 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 47k

David Barr Speech at 4th Conference on Drug Therapy in Glasgow, Scottland
November 1998 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 17k

Simplifying Antiretroviral Treatment Regimens-A Summary of Current Research
June 1999 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 78k

Immune-based Therapy

Immune-based Therapies and HIV Disease
December 2000 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 278k

Immune-based therapies: A review of clinical endpoints used in trials of selected immunologic agents
December 2000 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 156k

Immunological Markers to Evaluate Immune-based Therapies in HIV Disease Meeting Report
February 2001 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 45k

Anti-viral Therapy and Salvage Therapy

The Challenges of Clinical Trial Design in Assessing the Effects of Anti-HIV Therapy in Heavily Pre-treated Patients
May 1999 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 100k

Failure of Initial Antiretroviral Treatment Regimens-An Update of Current Research

January 1999 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 82k

HIV Treatment Failure: A Review of Current Clinical Research
June 1998 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 228k

Structured Treatment Interruptions Workshop Summary
January 2001- Adobe Acrobat PDF 183k

HIV Clinical Practice Guidelines Dissemination and Evaluation Project

Report of the DHHS Working Group on Dissemination of HIV Treatment Information
2001- Adobe Acrobat PDF 295k

Developing an Agenda for Patient Outcomes Research in HIV Disease
September 1999 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 164k

Dissemination and Evaluation of Clinical Practice Guidelines for HIV Disease
May 1998 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 285k

The Potential of Patient Outcomes Research in HIV Disease
September 1999 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 112k

Drug Interaction Research

Report of Meeting on Drug Interaction Research in HIV Disease,
April 2000  - Adobe Acrobat PDF 63k

Metabolic Abnormalities

Metabolic Abnormalities in HIV Disease and Treatment,
October 1998 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 70k

Metabolic Consequences of HIV Disease and Treatment,
June 1998 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 52k

Bone Metabolism and HIV Disease,
August 2000 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 239k

Mitochondrial Toxicity and HIV Disease,
June 2000 - Adobe Acrobat PDF 203k