Overcoming Health Disparities in the Bay Area - Using HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C as Models: Phase 2

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Databases and Information Working Group Concept (PDF)

Community Based Research Working Group Concept (PDF)

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act Working Group Concept (PDF)

Overcoming Health Disparities Project: Phase 1


Building on the success of phase 1 of this collaboration, Overcoming Health Disparities in the Bay Area using HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C (HCV) as models-phase 2 extends its scope to include HCV and advances opportunities for cross-Bay Area collaboration in three distinct but overlapping and interconnected areas: 1) databases and information; 2) community-based research and 3) implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The collaboration is designed to solidify the science of health disparities and effective interventions that are changing the standard-of-care by approaching disparities from all sides, using the Bay Area as ‘ground zero' for what is working and what is not. Such a model of targeted, focused and systematic attention on available resources to combat health disparities in a specific geographic area by enlisting all players could become the model for all CFAR's and other federally sponsored research programs around the world.

The overarching aim is to improve the health of Bay Area residents by reducing HIV/AIDS- and HCV-associated health disparities through collaborations across the public (federal, state and county level), academic and private sectors across the geographically and demographically distinct Bay Area communities.



Generate novel ways to address disparities in HIV/AIDS and HCV at the regional, state and national level.

  • Goal 1: Enhance the use, utility and value of data sources existing in public, academic and private domains for understanding health disparities and monitoring the impact of structural, socio-behavioral, and clinical interventions
  • Goal 2: Strengthen the impact of community-based research on reducing health disparities
  • Goal 3: Support the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in public, academic and private health care settings across the Bay Area     


The project addresses structural, social, behavioral, economic, clinical (adult, adolescent, and pediatric) research on HIV/AIDS and HCV and their associated co-infections (HBV, TB) and co-morbidities in all affected populations (racial and sexual minorities, substance using, migrants, homeless, incarcerated, etc) residing in Bay Area counties.











1.   Document health disparities in the Bay Area in HIV/AIDS and HCV, whether
      local or regional
2.   Highlight innovative ways in which disparities are being addressed
3.   Generate novel ways to address health disparities
4.   Generate increased & productive interaction between
      community-level research and academic centers


Working group activities will continue and culminate in a second abstract-driven open/public conference planned for February 2015. Watch this space for updates on registration and logistics.

The February 2015 meeting is sponsored by the Forum in collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco Center for AIDS Research.  For questions and additional information, please contact Rob Besaw, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .